PS4 Need all sortsa help.......


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Dec 27, 2021
My kids had a PS4 that they played and it developed a problem with the fan. I saw a tutorial on how to change the fan. I ordered a fan and followed the tutorial. After it was all said and done the PS4 didn't work anymore. We just recently got another PS4. My son is trying to transfer all of the downloaded games and game progress from the old one to the new one. We are running into all sorts of hurdles. I tried to call Playstation Customer Service but you need to have a support code. The only way to get a support code is to log into your Playstation Network account. I can't remember the log in info for the account. The email that I used to make the account is one that I no longer use. I tried to access the e-mail through the provider and it doesn't recognize the e-mail anymore. I am chasing my tail on this. I am wondering if I shouldn't make another PSN account to get a support code to access Customer Service. Then go through Customer Service to have my old account switched over to my new account. I am also wondering if there is a place to take a Playstation to have it repaired. If I have it repaired, I might not need to worry about transferring info from one to the other. I don't know. Any advice with this would be helpful. Thanks for reading over my maniacal rambling.