PS4 My Brand New Ps4 slim Keeps stuttering and lagging


New member
Aug 8, 2023
HI everyone i bought a brand new ps4 slim 1 day ago and have play a couple of games on it like{GOW 2018,TLOU1,Uncharted 4....}.And all of them have felt very jittery stuttery and overall slow/My question is:Is this normal? And if it isnt is there any way to fix it?
Have you updated it to the latest software/firmware update?
Have you reset the PS4 back to default?
If any are online games then what’s your internet speed?
Hi i have updated it and have reset the ps4 back to default and all the games are all offline
can this be because of my tv
because the ps4 is literally brand new one day old
Can you try a different TV? How is the PS4 connected to the TV?
Did you purchase new from a store or third party seller/store? Is there a chance the PS4 is used/pre-owned?
Hi again my ps4 is bought brand new from a trusted retailer.Literally bran new out of the box.
To answer your other question im using the hdmi cable that came with the ps4.
And there is literally no way that it is used or pre owned.
Are all games affected or just a few?
Have you checked to see if the games have any updates?
Have you tried deleting the games & redownloading them?
Are the games stored on the internal or external storage?