PS4 Moved console from Asia to Europe


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Jul 17, 2023
Moved from Thailand to Germany and brought along both my Asian PS-4s. After several months at sea (the consoles, not me- I flew!) I am finally reunited with them but on connecting and booting up, I was asked to enter a OTP to confirm my account (I have my email address, user name and password).

I got an email which is as follows, but I cannot see a OTP:

Sony <>07:26 (4 hours ago)
to me
PlayStation Sign-in Alert: Action Requested
Your Sony sign-in was just used as detailed below. If this was not you, we recommend changing your password immediately using your PlayStation device or at
07/17/2023 05:25 AM GMT​
London England United Kingdom​
Chrome 114.0​
This email message has been delivered from a send-only address. Please do not reply to this message. For more information about your account, please visit the links below.


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NOTE: I use a VPN hence my location states UK even though I am based in Germany now.

I assume the OTP was sent to my Thai mobile number which is now expired and defunct in Germany anyway, so I cannot access it to get the OTP there either. I have fruitlessly tried the PlayStation Support team/Online Assistant but only get the message "We're transferring your chat to another agent" and left hanging.

Any suggestions or advice how/whom to contact or what to do? I can speak German well enough but the reading/writing is basic, so English would be preferable.

Hope someone is able to point me in the correct direction and appreciate any help you can offer.
I have since had the following "interaction" from the online support person, how is this helpful?

  • I have not been able to locate your account, can I ask what region your PlayStation account is?
    PlayStation Support


  • I assume Thailand but I have since moved to Germany now.

  • I am sorry, I can only locate UK accounts, I would ask that you contact the support team for your account region and they would be able to help you further.

  • P
    Your reference number for today’s query is 16509032. I'm sorry we were unable to provide the solution you wanted today, but besides this issue, is there anything else that we can help you with today?
Call German support.

06102 771 3001
Mon- Fri 09:30–19:30

If the rep doesn't speak English (unlikely), ask to be transferred to someone who does.

If Sony Europe can't help you, call Sony Thailand at 02-715-6100.
Many thanks for the advice- by far more useful than anything I've encountered by far. Will update, as and when I get a chance to call and hopefully have some good news.