MLB The Show 21 network league sign-ups (PS4 & PS5)


New member
May 22, 2021

If your looking for a MLB THE SHOW 21 League please look below.

I have a MLB THE SHOW 21 LEAGUE for PS4/PS5 that will begin May 10th, 2021. The teams are given by where you currently lived or a team closest to where your located this prevents guys from only taking the top teams (No Exceptions).

I have a easy to use league website that provides the rules, settings and features to help schedule your league games. This league stays ACTIVE with only having to play 3 games a week.

I will only accept mature adults 30 years or older only who play this game realistically and who accepts the rules we have and follows them without breaking them just to get a WIN.

Myself I am 50 years old and looking for other older gamers who want to be in a SIM style MLB league with other older guys like myself who play with class where winning is not the most important thing. I have already have a set of mandatory RULES everyone must follow each and every game that I have been using since the very first MLB league I did on MLB 2K7.

40 Man Rosters
26 Active Players
5 Man Rotation
8 Man Bullpen
9 Players In Lineup
4 Man Bench
[See Below]

* C
* OF

* Universal DH
* Generated Schedules
* 87 Game Season
* 3 Game Series

I am real big on common courtesy and sportsmanship. This MLB league is all about FAIR PLAY.

If your interested then please go and fill out a league application to be accepted.
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