PS4 Minecraft is not working in my son's profile


New member
Dec 31, 2021
Hi Everyone,

I created a profile for my son on my PS4. I bought him Minecraft through the Sony website on my PC. I went to my profile and installed the game. I let him play in the game for a little bit, and he was so excited. Anyway, When I went to his profile it show a message that says he has to buy this content to be able to play with it!

Is there something wrong with the way I sat his profile?

I would be grateful if someone helps me to fix this issue.
I found the answer. There were two problems actually! The first one was that my main profile somehow was not set as a primary account! When I set it as a primary account, all games now can be run on my son’s profile. The second problem with Minecraft itself! I need to create a (Microsoft) account, then add my son as a family member, then use that account as his account in his profile in PS4, and finally use that account to sign-in Minecraft account.