PS5 Migrating Minecraft from PS4 to PS5


New member
Jul 15, 2023
My daughters Mincraft game is installed on our portable USB drive. The game works great on both the PS4 and PS5, but her saved games don't transfer. When I open on PS4, all of her data is there. When I switch it over to PS5 game works but none of her worlds are there. They don't appear in the storage area either. I don't have playstation plus on her account so she can't upload them. Is there any way to transfer those worlds via the USB drive?
You can transfer the worlds from PS4 to PS5 but not the progress made within those worlds. On PS5, go to Settings then Storage and your drive. Select Minecraft from the list of applications and choose the saved the worlds you want to transfer, begin to copy. Once the copying is done, you should be able to access those worlds on PS5.
I just tried exactly what you said and that doesn't work. I can only open the game to the console, which doesn't change the experience. I can delete or view game data. When I view it's just a small window with no options. Still stuck.