PS5 Mic in game issues need help with this


New member
Jan 24, 2023
So, I've tried out now a Turtle Beach 600 Max Gen 2 and now the PS Pulse for PS5. I set up the dongle in the front powered on the headphones went into settings on the console set input and output audio through the headphones. Tested the Mic and it works fine then I go into game (doesn't matter what game it happens for all of them) but for example DMZ or Warzone on Modern Warfare 2. While in the lobby with my assigned team or in game I can hear all of them perfectly but I can't talk to them. The mic is not muted either for me I'm connected to party or chat in game and again nobody can hear me. I've tried pretty much every single You Tube Suggestion with total failure. I've retried resetting audio settings and still nothing. PS Support isn't doing me any good so I'm at a loss here what do I do to make this work so I can chat in game?