M2 SSD stopped working PS5


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May 22, 2024
Hey guys I've recently purchased a 1200 model ps5 disc drive and after about a week I bought and installed a 2TB Sony 990 Pro with heatsink.

After 2 weeks of running smoothly with no issues my ps5 was unable to turn on. It eventually gave me a message saying the PS5 can't access the M2 SSD and I should try to remove it.

Upon removing and restarting the ps5 works fine, until I try and install the SSD again.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure what to do because the 825Gb of pre existing storage is already taken up by two games

I have found nothing on the web about this issue unfortunately.
Any help would be appreciated thanks guys :)
If the PS5 can’t access it then it’ll not be able to format it I take it?
As the drive is new I would return it as faulty & purchase another.
If you have a M2 SSD drive bay in a pc then you could fit the drive then try cleaning the disk using diskpart, if the drive isn’t shown then it has 100% failed.