Lost or hacked PSN account


New member
Nov 11, 2020

I have problem with my PSN Account. I create account in 2012probably with random data ( random Online ID, name, surname, date and place of birth and all other information only emial is corect). I never have Playstation , probably I create account on my friend console. Actually i dont remember pasword, I dont know Online ID ( I delete most of emails before 2015 also with this from Sony with include Online ID). I cant reset password becouse it is necesery to know Online ID or ansewer security question ( date or place of birth ). I was calling to Phone Customer Service but thay say that for security reason they cant change anything in my account. They also suggest to contact by web site but in case of password problem there is only posibility to contact with bot not human.

It i salso posible that somebody hack my account. In 2012 I use only one password everywhere. It is imposible that i set up other password. I was warned by gmail that passwords have been taken and I change password in gmail and in many other websites. Mayby on Live chat with muman they will help me.
  • Is there any direct link for live chat with human ? Meyby It is somewhere on Playstation Support website but I cant find this.
  • Does anybody know whot to do with this issue ?
  • I am helpless
I struggle with this from two weeks. It is my first Playstation and I expect rather to have fun on online games with friend then such problems.