PS4 Lost game saves


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Aug 31, 2020

I'm not a native english speaker, so do not wonder about my bad writing.

I have got a problem with my games, because they share the same issue, they don't have any game saves left.

A week or two ago my playstation crashed and got into the f***Ing boot loop, the fucking problem where the playstation restarts like 100 times and you want to throw your console against a wall. I only recall two options, safe mode and restart the console, I think, buuuuut so much time has past, that I don't really can recall it, sorry.

After some time has past, I thought my console restarted normally, buuut it wasn't so. It was like I had started the console for the first time, so it was back to factory settings . In this moment I got really scared, so I did adjust the settings and got back to my menu, after I did the log in into my network account. For me everything seemed fine I logged in into Netflix without problems, I didn't even needed to log in, this goes for every of my streaming applications. Today I wanted to play a game just to relax, but there where no game saves, I realised it because I wanted to upload some game saves into the cloud. So I tried one of my games out, but it is true, it is like I play the game for the first time.

So here starts my real problems none of these game files are saved into the cloud, so I have no back up.

So here is my question: can I somehow restore my data? Please let me know.
I would appreciate your help.

Some data of my console:
PlayStation 4 (2013 yeah an oldie I know)
All parts inside of her are still the same as when I got her!