PS4 Lost account

Nathan reyes

New member
Aug 14, 2022
I need help, I was trying to switch emails for a psn account (it was a old email, let’s call this “email A”) so email A was old so I decided to put my current (and loaded) psn account under a new more used email (“email B”) so I logged out of email A’s psn account thinking it’ll allow me to switch emails but instead I got locked out. I tried logging back in using email A but I keeps saying user ID or password is incorrect ( I 100% guarantee it’s correct). To put it short I got logged out of my psn account and no email of mine ( neither A or B) is working again. Also I’ve tried the forgot password and it never sends the email to the emails address.
I have the exact same issue, my email address is correct and so is my password but it says its not when I reset it says email sent to my address to reset but I never get the email 😢