Loss of sound


New member
Apr 13, 2024
Hi. My ps4 slim has lost sound to my tv by hdmi. It was working fine until two days ago. I can still get sound via headphones. I haven't changed anything. One minute it was working, then not. Any help appreciated.
Hi there, and welcome :)

Can you provide us a screenshot of your sound settings on your ps5 please?

Also have you tried using a different HDMI to see if the problem repeats itself? If it does, that it might just be a software issue where you selected the wrong option someewhere
Hi. It's a ps4 slim. I have tried switching hdmi cable. Still no sound. There is only one audio format which is Linear PCM.

I've got latest software update.
ok try to restore the default settings from safe mode.

Turn off the ps4, when you turn it on dont let go of the power button, instead keep your finger there until you hear 2 beeps, you have booted into safe mode, you want to select 4th option, restore default settings (this will not delete save data) then simply restore, it should bring your consoles settings back to default (picture and sound) and there hdmi cable should work from there without any issues.

this video explains how you boost into safe mode to access the option, (2nd method in the videeo)