PS3 Looking for Multiplayer Monopoly game


New member
Dec 16, 2021
Hoping someone can help me out here. My parents recently gifted my family with a PS3 with the hopes that my family could play an online Monopoly game with them but we are having difficulty finding one that fits with what we want.

We tried Monopoly Plus by Ubisoft but when we connect and try to set up a game it does not appear we can set everyone up to play. Ideally what we want is a game where we can set up multiple players and controllers for the members of my immediate family to play on my PS3 and then when we connect with my parents we would want to be able to set up a player within the game for each of them.

So for example, we create the game and set up a player within the game for myself, my wife, and my son. Then have a player set up for each of my parents in the same game on the other side of the online connection.

Is there a setting in Monopoly Plus that will allow that if anyone is familiar with the game? Or is there another PS3 compatible Monopoly game out there that will allow us to set that up?

Thank you in advance.