Looking for intel on a specific (limited?) PS4 edition


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Dec 5, 2023
Hi everyone. I'm new here and sorry if I'm publishing in a wrong place. I haven't found a similar topic on the forum, that's why I started a new trend.

Let me explain!
I wanted to sell my PS4 Pro after buying a PS5 recently. I'd won it in a competition with Red Bull and it was a WRC edition, with the design on the console and the controller.

On my end, I wanted to see how much the same models were selling for, but to put it simply, I couldn't find one like it! And it's not listed here: PS4:PlayStation 4 Models - ConsoleMods Wiki

I love PlayStation but I'm not a specialist, as I'm sure many are here! That's why I wanted to know if you knew of such a model and, more importantly, if it ever existed? A version made just for a competition or something like that? Thanks in advance guys!
I can’t find anything either so the console may be a one-off & limited to the competition winner.
Are the graphics printed on or is it a skin? Can you provide a screenshot?
It may be a standard console but with decals/skin.
Thanks for the feedback.

It looks printed on it. And yes, it's a classic PS4 Pro chassis.
Thanks. Then it’s specifically printed for the competition & could be worth 100s to a collector. Do you have the box &/or any paperwork to confirm it was made for the competition? That would add to the value.
I do have the box. Although it was the classic PS4 that came with it. It's all white with no WRC lettering. Regarding the paperwork, I've still got e-mails from Red Bull France and Big Ben telling me I won the competition. Do you think that's enough?

Do you know a marketplace or something like this for collectors?
The emails should be enough if they show details of the console. If they contain photos even better.I don’t know of any specific marketplace for collectors. You could try eBay. I would’ve recommended selling on Amazon but I believe they no longer allow customers to sell (unless that is just in the UK).