Look into my account

Sep 5, 2020
My account Johnny_Hebrew19 has been banned since March 13, 2020. I had received my account back from Sony on March 11, 2020 after a 30 day suspension. So when I got my account back on March 11. I didn’t do anything wrong too nobody I was chilling and having fun playing the game. Two days later on Friday March 13 I received an email from Sony saying my account is permanently banned. I didn’t do anything wrong. I had that account for 6 Long Years of Playing. I bought everything on that account and I’m still mad about it because I had that account since 2013. Can y’all please look into it. Because it’s a whole misunderstanding. I didn’t do anything wrong at all. I just want my account back so I can play the game peacefully. My account name Is Johnny_Hebrew19