Latest Update Killed my Controllers


New member
Feb 10, 2024
So since the last system update I started to get stick drift and I really had no idea that it was the system at first. My controllers were about a year old but I keep them in great condition and never throw them around. I continued to play for about a week and then my games and navigating the main menu screen became impossible because I would be jumping all over the screen. I looked up stick drift on YouTube and saw people disassembling their controllers and cleaning them out to fix the issue. Seemed like too much work so I ordered a new controller. As soon as I updated the new controller and synced it to the system I had instant stick drift again. I thought maybe I received a bad controller so I took it back to Best Buy and bought two new controllers. As soon as I synced these two brand new controllers the same issue. Stick drift to the point where nothing is playable. It’s impossible to navigate on my menu screen. PlayStation needs to fix this problem! I checked on Reddit and people have been having this software issue since 2022. What’s up Sony!? This has to be fixed!