Last up date seems to have changed my colour on my ps4 graphics for the worse


New member
Apr 10, 2022
Since the last update round about the 23rd of March my graphics on my ps4 have took a turn for the worse, I don't know if it's me or anybody else's has gone the same I've tried a few games ie uncharted 4, shadow of the tomb raider and god of war, the animated parts seem fine it's just during the game play ie when the characters are in water or snow the white parts stand out, it doesn't look quite the same it very cheesy, it's very frustrating and I'm just wondering could it be the last update which has caused as this is when it started or my TV or original ps4, I've tried everything ie adjusting the settings and even restored my ps4 to factory settings, is anybody else having or had the same problem if so could you please, please, please give me some advice.