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LT Smash

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Nov 3, 2023
I'm trying to set up a keyboard and mouse on my PS4 to play Last of Us 2. As far as I can see the game is supported but I'm getting nowhere with the hardware I'm using. I'm more of a PC gamer and really don't get on with the Ps4 controller or playing on a giant TV screen

Corsair K55 USB keyboard and a Logitech G305 Bluetooth mouse.

Any advice gratefully received.
As far as I know you won't be able to play it with that set-up.
you will need and adapter such as XIM4 or XIM APEX.
Thanks, any recommendations? Looking on line there are a lot of adapters to choose from and most have mixed reviews 🙄
Yes sure I haven't used this one but after a little bit of research I found out that XIM APEX seems quite good, it has a lot of positive reviews.
I bet you can find some cheaper ones, cause this one is a bit pricey, 119 bucks
Nice one and yeah it's pretty expensive. Excellent reviews though and it actually works, some of the other makes have mixed reviews. I only want it for last of us 2 and I'll sell it once I'm done.