PS4 Issues sharing a game - Lock symbol


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Oct 20, 2020
Hi you doing community.

I want to see if someone can help me out. If this question has been answered please do share the link with the solution but it boils down to this. I'm sharing my PS4 with my sibling and we have not come across the issue of having a LOCK symbol on any of our purchased games. My sibling buys a game and I can play and I buy a game and my sibling can play. Up until recently my sibling bought a game that was on special sale(Flash sale) . I can't seem to play it because it shows the lock symbol. It sends me to the PlayStation store to buy it.

Is there anyway around this .. I'm starting to suspect that this is happening because the game was on Flash sale.

Steps to try to fix issue :
1) Restore license on each profile.
2) Delete all profile accounts except mines and my sibling.