PS4 Is there anything I can do?


New member
Sep 28, 2022
I share my account with my autistic younger brother. About a week ago someone messaged our account when he was on it pretending to be a poor kid and asked if they could share accounts so they could play each other games. My brother gave them our account information and they locked us out of our account. I called PlayStation Support and got our account back with no problems. 2 days later the account is permanently banned because while he had our account, he tried the same scheme on other people. I called PlayStation Support again and let them know what happened and they tell me to make an appeal on their website. I go make an appeal and explain what happened and they deny the appeal. Is there anything else I can do? Am I completely screwed out of my account that I have hundreds of dollars' worth of games on because of something I didn't do?
I suspect you’re out of luck, if Sony have perma-banned the account then they usually refuse to assist further.
You could appeal again & give them as much detail on the person who scammed you with screenshots of proof they accessed your account but as the details were given freely & not as part of hacking I doubt they’d help.