PS5 Internet Access, Game Saves, and Multiple Accounts


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Aug 10, 2021
This post is likely to be long-winded, as I've been having an issue with this for quite a while now, so heads up in advance.

My household has one PS5. We have a primary account tied to said PS5. The primary account has PS Plus--it can access the internet, play online games, etc.. That account works perfectly fine. We have three PS5 users in the household, so we created three profiles. One profile is tied to the primary account. The other two profiles are what I believe PS calls "guest" accounts, where they are not tied to a primary account. These two profiles cannot play any games accessing the internet. This worked fine for a while, but people's tastes in games change, and we would now like all profiles to be able to access the network. Of course, PS Plus accounts cost money, and spending $180/yr just for the ability to play games is not really a viable option for this mostly casual gamer household. So here are my questions.

1) Can you put more than one PSP account on a single PS5?
2) Is there any way to give a "guest" profile access to the internet/network?

I think I already know the answers to these questions, in which case:

3) If we have to tie the primary account to the guest profiles, then why can we not have separate save files?

Case in point: User A has been playing Overwatch for months in Primary Profile. User B wants to play Overwatch in Guest Profile. But when we tie the primary account to the guest profile, User B now is forced to play with User A's save files. So--

4) Why is there no option to separate game saves??

Please leave advice below. The whole household has been going crazy over this for almost a year now, and there doesn't seem to be an answer--we keep being directed back in circles. There has to be a solution to this that does not involve us shelling out nearly $200/yr to Sony.