PS Vita Imports


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Jul 7, 2023
I bought a PS Vita a while back. Just recently I bought the Japanese version of Minecraft. It translated the Japanese text into English. If I get a JRPG from japan and PS VIta from Japan will the Japanese text translate to English due the fact my PS Vita language setting is set to English.
Some games have multiple language tracks and text included while others don't. If it's a hardcore JRPG that's never been released in English, it probably won't have English voice or text, even when played on U.S. hardware. But it depends on the game.
So you are saying if a Vita game got a U.S. release. The Japanese version will translate in to English, right?
Sometimes, but not guaranteed.

Sometimes the original launches in Japan, but the English version does not come out until years later, and those English assets are not included on the memory stick because they don't exist yet at the time of the Japanese release.

In other cases Japanese voice and video take so much space that other languages simply won't fit on the same media.

Again, you have to do some digging based on the specific game you are importing.