I Own 1164 Video Games. How Do I Properly Store Them Under High Heat Temperatures?

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Dec 9, 2023
Hi. I own 1164 video games spanning multiple consoles. Because there's not enough room in my bedroom to store them, I'm forced to lock them away in the metal shed in our backyard. It's the beginning of summer here in Australia. Today I walked in the shed and began sweating profusely in this 40 degree heat. I'm concerned that the high heat may have a detrimental effect on my gaming collection.

All 1164 games have been placed in Hercules twin zip resealable storage bags to protect them in the event of a major flood. All these games are neatly stored inside X2 DeWALT 240L Mobile Tough Chests. When I opened up one of the chests, the games did feel cool to the touch which was good.

Despite the games feeling cool, I'm still paranoid that these high heat humid conditions could damage my collection. I've spent a good 35 years amassing this collection. A quarter of these games are either extremely rare and expensive to buy or are still factory sealed.

I no longer can find the time to play video games. At age 44, I just now love collecting them. Collecting rare and factory sealed video games is my hobby. It brings me great joy in knowing that all these games are sitting there waiting for me if I ever decide to pull one out and play it.

Because there's no information on how to properly store a massive gaming collection, I would really appreciate it if a PlayStation representative could respond to this post. While I am here, it would also be good to know how many games can be stacked on top of each other before it becomes too heavy and squashes or dents the PS2-PS5 plastic cases and/or the PS1 jewel cases.

Thank you.