PS5 I need help to understand how to make crossplay stay disabled COD BO TD


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May 11, 2021
South Carolina
I have a ps5 (did not buy from scalper just got very lucky at the local podunk Walmart because they did not know to hold for online customers and sold 3 to in store customers! My only lucky day ever except meeting my wife!) so I have disabled crossplay due to the rampant cheating of pc users with their lay lines all the way to 100% dmg if hit on the little toe! Though even now it’s disabled I have noticed since the patch or last update I am facing a veritable force of pc users and it is destroying the quality of competition. Has anyone found anyway to stop this? Or anyway to strengthen the disabled crossplay? If not does anyone know if or when a fix might be coming?
thank you in advance for all help. I’m at wits end here. I am playing Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer with Crossplay Disabled and check constantly to make sure it’s disabled.

If anyone has any idea why or how this issue started and when or if it will be fixed please let me know! Plus any guidance on how to strengthen the crossplay disabler please let me know! I understand most are using exploits thru ps4 and I don’t want ps4 knocked out of the loop because of security issues! I have like 5 of them! 😂