i have a question about griefing and harassment and how exactly to submit my proof and where

Evil Ag3nt Man

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Jan 23, 2024
sorry to bother yall,im an old fart gamer whos run into a bit of a dilemma over on the game PUBG battlegrounds.
this is specifically the xbox and psn network version of the game.

it seems that we have 2 individuals who are Constantly joining lobbies in Squads and then killing their Team mates.
one of them,Fat vinny,has been on a rampage for months Cloning peoples gamer handles.
which Should be a Tos violation times over 30 ??

we have been trying to get rid of these people using the ingame report,and the avoid player function,neither of which actually Work because hes Still getting loaded into our games as a team mate and he Cant be avoided again.

but i recently learned that this guys have been doing this for over 4 YEARS with no bans and his Specialty is to take someones else Gamer handle and Clone it,then join a lobby and kill their team mates.
just one of the clone handles has over 550 team kills,and they have over 30 Accounts.

so,my questions are as follows.
i have Multiple tk video proof of everything ive stated including multiple cloned handles,as well as Actual interaction in conversation With the TK.
i have screenies of just One of the accounts spanning years of team killing.
hes Clearly not stopping and intends to do this until someone Does stop him.

so...how do we Stop him?
is it possible for him to be console banned,considering hes Griefing and Harrassing other game players?

ty in advance for any direction you can provide.

Rumor central and his own convo indicate this guy Also has an Xbox,but i am not aware of his gamertag there...yet.