PS5 I cannot “repurchase” Diablo IV (4) after refunded


New member
Jun 7, 2023
Hi, Anyone has the same problem?

Earlier on 6th June, I need Diablo IV a “standard” version, but instead I wrongly purchased an “ultimate”. So, I manage to have them refund me on 7th June (still waiting for a several days for money to arrive) So that I could repurchase the correct version again which is a “standard”

However, until now (8th June), I still cannot repurchase it. It seems like the wrong game version is still in my library but “locked”.
I cannot open the locked game and when I try to click and buy it, it says “you cannot buy this product because you already own it”
*edit: I already delete the game from storage and also save data

I called the support team, and they said the game should normally available to buy again immediately after refunded.

Does anyone has the same issue? I just worry that I might not be able to have this game in this ID forever.
It may be that you’ll not be able to purchase the game again until the refund has completed & been returned to your bank/card.