How long does Saved Data Online stays?


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Jul 13, 2023

My PS4 broke last year(last recorded trophy is Feb 15, 2022, so my last online back up was around that date. PS Plus expired around middle year.

Today July 13, 2023, I got a new PS4 and I thought about getting one month of Plus to get the data back. BUT I've seen most people(years old threads) saying after 6 months the online data gets deleted >:O but one guy wrote in this year(2023) he restored his online saved data into his console after more than 2 years(2020).

So, is this real? Is there any Sony official news or information that can verify this? Can anyone here confirms saved data online lasts more than 6 months, how long, can be recovered after more than 1-2 years??

Thanks in advance.
Officially, Sony only guarantees keeping your data for 6 months, but different people have reported different results. Sometimes the data is gone really fast, but in other cases people have recovered it after 1-2 years. The only way to find out is to pay the 10 bucks for a one-month subscription.
U.U So I'll have to pay to participate in "surprise mechanics" to have a chance at lootbo... I mean, to have A random chance that my Save Data is still there.
Ok. Thanks for the information 👍 I think Im forced to.