How do you delete messages?


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Jun 6, 2024
My sister sent a topless pic of her to her boyfriends backup psn account because he asked her to send it to his PSN, what she didn't realize, is he no longer uses that account and gave it to a friend brother who is only 14 for the weekend while he's outta town at the camp with his family who is now unreachable via phone. How can she delete that message before he sees it when he wakes up? I know you used to be able to delete older messages by just touch and hold it and then select delete but now it doesn't work, I'm trying to help her because she's in full freak out mode as his parents are actually very protective. Her and her bf used to send photos all the time on that account but always deleted the messages shortly after for security reasons. But now it isn't working. How can I show her how to delete the messages before he wakes up and sees it tomorrow?
Nevermind ,too late, his parents just saw the message and had my sister arrested for sending a minor dirty pics despite it being an accident. I wish someone could have helped by telling me how to delete the message but obviously this forum is useless. I guess she can kiss the collage that just accepted her goodbye once they see she got arrested, PlayStation forum is evedently 100% useless.
There’s no unsend button afaik. She would not be able to delete messages on another user’s PS if that what you were asking.
We’re not official PS support & perhaps your question doesn’t have an answer.