PS4 How do I stop seeing locked games?


New member
Nov 7, 2020
So I share a PlayStation with my brother. He buys a lot of games and I have no interest in playing them or getting rid of the lock that’s on them, I just don’t want to see them on my feed. He’s buying games and plays all of them for short periods one after the other so my games get pushed off my feed and I have to go to the library to find the things I play. It’s just annoying and I don’t want to see them. All the threads I’m finding are about unlocking games and I don’t want to do that, I want them gone. But I can’t delete them because they’re not mine and he does use at least some of them. So what do I do? Or is there anything I can do? Am I just stuck having to scroll through constantly to find something I played less than a week ago or is there a way I can just see my games and mine alone on my feed when I log in?