PS4 Horizon Forbidden West capture gallery corrupted


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Aug 12, 2022
Bought my wife a PS4 during the pandemic. Unfortunately there were no new ones available At all. I bought a used one, restored it to factory settings and everything was fine.

Then about a week ago she got an error message that the disc data was corrupted. She was playing Horizon Forbidden West. I wanted to delete and reinstall the game (which worked) but all she cared about was that it not affect her Capture Gallery. It didn't.

That corrupted file error has happened twice more since then but both times with Ghost of Tsushima. This morning I deleted and reinstalled GoT for the second time and now her entire Capture Gallery is corrupted--but not for Ghost of Tsushima. Its the Forbidden West screenshots that are all gone. She is Losing Her Mind. We know it was caused by this because she was making me look at rat pictures from the HFW capture gallery about two hours prior to the GoT crash. Mine are gone too, but they showed up in the same place. Not sure if that is relevant or not.

I did this and I will do whatever it takes to fix this. I still have no idea how this happened. I was going to rebuild the hard drive but didn't find the cord until this morning at which point it was too late.

Help. Please. I was NOT exaggerating about the "losing her mind" part.