Help with parental controls


New member
Dec 28, 2023
Hi, I a the parent account manager and my 9 year old son has an account that is linked. The issue is that he cannot join to play games with his friends under his own account, or set up ultimate teams on EAFC, only if he goes on as me, which isn’t ideal. As far as I can tell all the parental controls are set in such a way on the app and on the console that he should be able to.

Will it make a difference if I join PlayStation plus? Don’t want to join if it makes no difference. The message that keeps coming up is ‘online service is disabled on your account for PlayStation network due to parental restrictions’.

Can anyone help please?
I ran into endless problems with Sony restrictions when my kids were young... I ended up creating an 18+ accounts for my kids and monitoring what they are doing the old fashioned way.