HELP! PS4 Camera - 10m run needed


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Sep 10, 2023
So I am at the end of my garage conversion, and I have never had the camera / VR set up but I thought it might be cool so I purchased on eBay a VR set with the PS4 camera.

I also purchased a 10m usb 3 repeater cable only to find to my horror šŸ˜± that it uses some weird AUX connection!!

My PS4 is going to be sitting to one side at the other end of the garage in a cabinet and I was hoping to run this repeater all the way round.

I had no idea about this AUX

Is there a way of doing this?
Hi yes, but they only do it for the nee camera - this one has a weird AUX connector
Do you have ver 1 (rectangle style) or ver 2 (rounded style)?
In the UK thereā€™s 2 meter:
Search for:

DRAGON SLAY PS4 Camera Cable Extension VR - 2m - Black​

If not then please supply a photo of the connector.
I suspect 10 meters might degrade the connection though.
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yes you are right. seems like a proprietary USB cable of some sort?

I believe the cable I referred to has that connection so would be OK. No 10m though. It would require 5 of them connected together for that.
thought as much - I wonder where it would still work if I were to purchase 5 of them.

That said... might be more economical to just buy a second hand PS5 as I hear that uses a standard USB3? And I could just get a standard 10m repeater ?
With Amazon you do have a returns policy so you could try.
The PS5 would require an adapter for the camera as the PS5 camera isnā€™t used with the VR headset - even the new PSVR 2. This adapter was free from Sony. you could then use a standard extension cable between the PS5 & that cable.
In the UK a new PS5 is currently Ā£399.99 with a free game.
well, I finally tested. And I can confirm it will only work with two of the DRAGON SLAY PS4 Camera Cable Extension VR - 2m cables. SO that means I get 2m from the camera cable, and 4m from two of the extenders - so 6m - I'm 4 m short. I tried another 1 and the camera simply won't power up.

Its a shame as if it was a USB, I would use a USB repeater? This AUX HDMI port is so awkward.
Iā€™m tempted to see whatā€™s in that cable and see if I can convert a standard HDMI 10m cableā€¦.