PS5 Hearing Aid connection capability


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Mar 4, 2024
Hi everyone!

First post and first topic, so I'll make it count.

I currently have significant hearing loss (about 45%) in one ear and slight loss in the other. I wear Phonak Naida P-PR hearing aids for both ears and was wondering if it was possible to have bluetooth connectivity from my PS5 to my hearing aids, so I don't have to blast my speakers or use headphones (which cause ears to get moist and infected). Sony has already made access to gaming for the physically/mentally disabled. Surely they can do the same for the hearing impaired?
Hi there, In order to connect your hearing aid to PS5 you are going to need a playstation adapter dongle (can be bought from amazon etc). Then from there you are going to want to go to settings and navigate to sound then navigate to audio output and toggle mono audio for headphones on... Then once you hear sound then you can toggle mono audio off or keep it on to your preference.