PS4 Headset sound but no chat


New member
Nov 14, 2020
Hi all,

I’ve got a recurring issue with my headset. It’s a standard wired one-bud headset that comes with the PS4. I recently bought PS4 Pro LoU2 version and have never had an issue like this.

I plug the headset in, the PlayStation switches over to voice chat, I can hear people talking but they can’t hear me. It registers that the headset is plugged in.

I’ve done all the usual checks, mute, settings/device/volume, unplug-replug the jack, tried another head set, tried multiple different joypads, it’s the same with a Bluetooth headset. I can hear all chat but they can’t hear me.

the first time it happened I reset all the PS settings back to default and this didn’t fix it, a few days later it just randomly started to work. Currently I’m not trying that fix as it’s a ballache. Thankfully with the PS app enables parties with voice chat so that’s how I’m rolling at the moment.

Is this a warranty issue do you think?