PS5 Headset PULSE 3D not appearing as sound output device in PS5


New member
Jul 10, 2021

Can someone help me?

I bought the “Headset Pulse 3D Wireless” and on the first day it worked perfectly, very easy to connect.

The next day, I turned on the PS5 and it didn't recognize the Headset, even though the pendrive device was paired. And from that moment on, it just doesn't show up in the sound output options. It appears as paired normally (by white lights) but it's like it's not there. According to the Playstation website, I've tried resetting the router, and resetting the Headset. I've already tried connecting the PS5 internet via the ethernet cable. Nothing worked.
After that I try it on Mac and it works. Just sometimes some slight pauses in the music for a few seconds. Could it be because the USB port is behind the Mac and away from the router (?)

I think it's a problem with the Usb device, or some wireless interference. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

Thank you so much!