HDMI stops working as soon as I go to a game.


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Apr 8, 2024
When I start up my ps5 I can navigate through the main menu, I can even play Astro's Playroom. As soon as I click on MW3 or Last of Us II it will show the title screen then I get a black screen and a message from my tv that there is no HDMI connected. I downloaded Destiny 2 to see if I could access that game. Destiny works fine.
In summary everything works fine until I click on MW3 or LOU2. This just started on 4/7/24

My PS5 is almost 4 months old. I have been playing with no issues for months.

I have tried brand new HDMI cords to no avail. I have done all the removing power, cords, restarts, updates and nothing helps.
Is this problem in the games I'm trying to play or the ps5 itself.
I am also having issues when going into the playstation store. Lots of empty envelopes and no access. Usually comes up with a internet refresh, but seem like I have to do it all the time.

Getting frustrated.
Is the resolution on the PS5 set to automatic? I’d also check the TV for a similar setting. It may be those games are using a higher resolution which the TV can’t process.
Yes to both. PS5 worked fine until yesterday then this happened out of the blue.
Does the TV have more than 1 HDMI? If so try another connection.
Have you tried deleting the games & redownloading?
It seems strange the problem only affects a few games & not all, as though there’s a setting within the game which is causing it. Do these games have an option to play in Performance or Quality mode within the graphics setting? If so try quality.
I ran a HDMI diagnostic test through my Samsung TV. The results always say the HDMI is fine.
Bordering on insanity I tried again. The test found something and the TV changed a setting and we now have COD available.
Very strange that other games work just fine and COD wouldn't.
Thanks for your help.