Gaming discrimination


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Jan 12, 2023
as a PC gamer i have no intention to downgrading to a console and as most ( if not all ) games require a PC to code/produce, the question i ask is why have such long waits on excusivity rights which alienate and discrimiate against a large portion of the community? open to the floor, i genuinely dont understand nor buy into the console war. thankyou.
Actually, I hated this for a long time now, but after seeing what STEAM is doing to it's Users?

I have sorta changed my view on this situation, I think it's actually good that Sony & EPIC Games
does this, it creates Competition with Platforms like STEAM, & Competition is good for everyone,
because I would hate to be stuck with just one Platform running the show... What happens if
that Platform turns on you as a User? You can't do anything, cause it's the only Platform running
things... Competition creates a road block stopping this from happening...

That is why I am glad Sony & EPIC Games are doing this, ~_~

It's to assure even places like GOG or small Companies can still Compete with big Companies...
It's to assure Companies with good intentions can still compete with Companies with bad ones...

Again, it's good for everyone, oO