Games won't "copy"


New member
Oct 13, 2023
Recently purchased a PS4 off market place, it was factory reset. It came with some games. Only tired four so far for my son and I. For some reason both Madden 23 and Madden 22 will only get to 289 MB each before an error occurs it and it will stop copying the game. I have purchased a game off playstation Store and it worked and purchased a game today and it downloaded no problem. Also after the first incident I attached a 1TB hard drive and still neither of them will get past 289 MB. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
I have a similar Problem with my PS4pro. Some games wont copy from disc. FarCry6 for example every time stopps after copying 1047MB. I have changed the disk hardware, but got the same error at 1047MB. I thought the BD was broken, but on a borrowed PS4 it worked. There are some more games which are starting Installation, but breaking up every at its own, but always the same position. Can someone help? TY!