Game Folders and Having a "Select" option for Games and Apps


New member
Apr 2, 2024
I have recently found it very tedious making and adding video games to game folders and making games hidden/unhidden one at a time. I believe there should be a "Select" option for the Game apps where you can select all the games you want to add to a games folder, choice which games you want hidden, or select all the games you want to have unhidden rather than selecting each game one at a time. This would save time and make managing games a more pleasant experience.
Yeah I agree with this, also the whole thing with wallpapers and stuff too, lots of missing features for a complete products, especially with what we paid for the console, they are holding back on the basic things we require as gamers on the modern console.

one thing i really really really want to see on the ps5, is the ability to change the audio channel from 'all audio' to 'party audio only' option in the sound settings of the main menu, its annoying that there is no shortcut option for this on the ingame xmb menu, but there was for ps4. And it recquires almost no resources to add such a feature in, yet makes no sense to take it away lol.