G29 issues

A Miller

New member
Mar 18, 2024
Hello, I'm having an issue with my G29 Steering Wheel. It constantly disconnects during gameplay (Gran Turismo 7) and many times I have to unplug to reset gameplay. At wits end, steering wheel works great on GT6, and GT5
Hi there and welcome!

I am not too knowledagble on this accessory but I did find some information from reddit, and I hope it helps:

  1. Try with a different power source.
  2. Plug the device into a different USB port on your computer. If possible, don't use a USB hub or other similar device. If using a different USB port works, try updating the motherboard USB chipset driver: Update your motherboard’s USB and chipset drivers
  3. Check the cables: Mount and secure the G29 or G920 racing wheel using built-in bolt mounting points
  4. Try update the device's firmware:
    • Download and install Logitech G-Hub (Available here: Logitech G HUB Advanced Gaming Software, RGB & Game Profiles)
    • Launch the software, select the device from the home screen then go to Settings
    • If a firmware update is available, a Blue ""Update"" button would appear under the firmware version on the top right corner of the screen
  5. Press Windows + R key to open the run command box.
  6. Type joy.cpl to open the Windows Game Controller Settings.
  7. Select the entry for the gaming wheel.
  8. Press CTRL + SHIFT while clicking Properties.
  9. Go to Settings tab and click Calibrate.
  10. Follow the calibration instructions then test the wheel afterwards.
  11. Try testing the device on a different computer.