Finding a game


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Sep 22, 2023
I'm looking for a game on PlayStation, released before 2012, where the main character has a severed arm and a metal arm. In this game, the character can activate the metal arm to emit energy beams. The game is set in a bright Wild West environment, has no firearms, and features a third-person 3D perspective. Does anyone know the answer?
It's not one of the Full Metal Alchimist Games is it?

Edward has a severed arm that he lost, & replaced it with a Metal Arm called Automail...

Edward transmits Electrical Energy from his hands into Alchemy Objects & Weapons he attacks with...

It's an Anime Game, & it came out before 2012, it has a portion of the Game featured in a Desert
like land scape, though I can't be certain if any of it resembles the Wild West, though, but the
Locations in the Game, & the time period is very much set in a time period that focuses on an
Ancient World in Modern Times... Things look very old looking, but the Technology has Advanced,
like they still had olden Train Engines, & I think even horse & buggy, but they also had old styled cars,
they had phone booths, & Castles, & mercury was a big powerful thing in the Game, that not only
was used for money, currency, but also used for military power, & even got people really sick, too...

I can't think of any other Game that fits your criteria... The Full Metal Alchemist Games were on PS2 possibly around 2007...
I tried investigating but I couldn't find any game with the description you gave, Have you got any luck? 😅