Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Pricing? - error or scam?


New member
Dec 8, 2023
So let me understand this. (The prices mentioned below are in Canadian dollar).

Standard edition: $93.49

Deluxe Edition: $119.99

Deluxe Twin Pack: $119.99 - including Intergrade DLC

Intergrade Deluxe DLC on its own is $26.50

I am not sure if this the same case with USA as well, but is it me or does this feel like a scam being pulled by either Square Enix or Sony?

I mean, Sony is already facing a class action lawsuit with the prices, and their multiple attempts at having the case thrown out clearly failed.

Help me understand why the Deluxe Edition and the Deluxe Twin Pack (both contain the same bonus items, but the Twin pack has the DLC, as mentioned) are priced the same? This feels like robbery.

If you are going to include DLC, then the non-DLC version should be cheaper?

I already have and played Intergrade. I wouldn't even be mad if the Deluxe Twin Pack was priced differently than the Deluxe Edition.