PS4 FIFA 21 FUT Menus Take Forever


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Nov 25, 2020
This was originally posted on the EA forum, so sorry if some/all of this is irrelevant to this forum. Just looking for help in multiple places and also I think my PS4 hardware may be the problem

I am not sure what my problem really is so I am posting this on the FIFA 21 forum and on the PlayStation forum. I have so many problems that may/may not be linked to each other that I don't know what is to blame. I'd also like to point out that my internet is fine and that is not the problem.

Here is what I go through every time I try to play FUT (almost daily)

When I log into my PS4 and go onto FIFA I go through the startup menu selecting language etc. However I always fail to connect to EA servers. Every time.

I try to log into Ultimate Team and it cannot connect to EA. I try this about 5 times before attempting to connect via the R3 button. It will fail as well, but after about 10 attempts, the R3 button gets me connected to EA.
I then proceed to try and get into Ultimate Team before one of two things happens.

1) A popup saying "the squad update failed" will appear, with my only option to go back to the main menu

2) I am greeted with the FUT 21 crest along with "FIFA Ultimate Team" written underneath before disconnecting and getting sent back to the FIFA main menu.

I then will attempt to get into Ultimate Team again at which point it usually seems like I am about to be successful. I get the page with the current TOTW and new players in packs with the game appearing to be nearly ready. However, I will then be sent back to the main menu again.

I will attempt about 3 more times with any random one of the issues above happening each time before I eventually actually get into Ultimate Team.


Issues within Ultimate Team

1) Transfer Market

If I want to buy a player I might as well do it on the Companion app. On the PS4, I search for a player, find out their rough price and then refine the search to a certain price range. Someone in EA flips a coin and decides either:

A) I think I'll give them an infinite loading screen that he can't escape unless he closes the application on the PS Menu, forcing him to go through the whole painful process again.

B) I'll let the transfer market work like it's supposed to.

At least the Transfer Market works some of the time, whereas the logging in issue happens every time.

2) When I'm finished a game
Ignoring the fact that sometimes there is apparently not a single soul playing FIFA for me to match up with in Rivals, when I do finally get into a game, there is barely any lag, because like I said, my internet is fine. The problem arises when I am finished the game. The game will end, I will press 'X' to get to the end menu where I should be about to claim my 600 coins and Rivals points before returning to Ultimate Team. However, about half of the time, I will just get another infinite loading screen, this time with aesthetic views of my stadium with this famously infuriating GIF playing on repeat at the bottom.
Once again I have to close the application, and to make it worse, I don't get any of the coins, Rivals points or FUT Champs qualification points from the game.

As you can see, this is very frustrating for me as it takes roughly 45 minutes to start a game of FIFA from the moment I turn on the PS4 until the moment the game kicks off. In a 1 hr 30 min session I usually get about 3 games played. My game is downloaded not on a disk and is on external USB storage if that means anything to anyone.

Would my PS4 be the problem, because my brother who uses a different account on the same PS4, experiences similar issues, just not as bad.

If you have any suggestions or even if any of these happen to you, I would appreciate it if you replied. I'm sick of EA at this point, charging me 60+ for a game that cannot even get through the menus let alone the game-play.