[Feedback] Towards all PS Players and Sony


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Aug 4, 2020
Speaking for the most recent news on PlayStation Social Media and Twitter about Marvel's Avengers and their exclusivity to Spiderman.

I usually don't do that, but I think this should be raised regardless, it has been a few days now since we had this stunning announcement from PlayStation twitter, regarding their exclusive right to Spiderman and other exclusive content for the platform.

The least I expected from most of the PS players here, to be at least a bit more empathic towards this situation and, to not support this decision. I will shortly bring another such situation like Destiny, which didn't work well neither for Sony nor for their players and it seems like they are repeating the same mistake.

I was really hyped for this game like you can't imagine how hyped I was since it was announced back in 2017. I've been supporting, defending and even providing a lot of feedback, to the devs to the rest of the communities and I've even helped PSN players with some of their questions. Now I do get the business decision behind this, but what Sony did is completely wrong. They've completely ruined my hype for the game with their deal. I was really hyped for this game, free content, free heroes, plenty of warzones.

Now, I will get back on the exclusive part, I agree that Sony must have some exclusivity to the game and I am all up for it, and the exclusivity which was announced today in the blog was fine, I expected exactly that, no kidding there and I do support it, but locking an entire character behind a paywall of 400$ and later on behind 500$ after the new PlayStation comes out... that not good. I am sure I will get a lot of backlash and hate for this post, but I needed to state my position on this. This is NOT healthy for anyone. Starting with the community, splitting it completely into three different oppositions: those who own PS4 and are happy about that, those who own PS4 and are not happy about that and the PC/Xbox community.

What Sony did with this move is completely destroy my hype and excitement for the game and I hope they are really happy and proud of that. I was going to support Sony this year with a PS5 console, but if this is how Sony plans to treat the rest of the community who don't own their console, sorry but I am not supporting this decision.

I am happy for all of you, who got the exclusivities, I really am, but still is unfair towards 3/4 of the community. Sony forgets that this game was planned for FOUR platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia, and they've completely cut the rest, concentrating only on their community. If this is the thing which most of the community wants to support this, this constant fight and war between consoles, instead of saying stop, then you are not getting far, in this whole situation there is only one winner and that is Sony. It is not us (the rest of the community which doesn't own PS4 or wants to support Sony) and definitely it is not the PSN community either. This is completely unhealthy and splits the gamers, which shouldn't even happen.

I really don't need gamers who support this decision, since it is wrong no matter how you look at it from the consumer perspective and from the players perspective. This is not healthy for the game either. Please note that what Sony did, really destroyed a lot of hypes, for a lot of players on multiple platforms and they made themself look even worse than they already looked on the market. People are now putting them up on the same level as EA. And this is a really, really bad thing. If you haven't seen the gifs, you should check them out. I honestly surprised that Sony didn't think through this and making such a big mess, ruining an otherwise awesome game for a lot of people, just because they want to promote their new platform. Let me tell you something if you want to promote your console, do it differently, but locking characters behind paywalls of a console because this is not healthy for you either, as a company!