PS5 Fear of your PS5 bricking? I am😞


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Nov 14, 2020
Anybody experience any bugs/glitches on the ps5 where you had to perform a hard reset to fix the problem? I encountered a bug in Spider-Man Miles Morales where Miles glitched out and was running around in circles while I was being attacked. I couldn't do anything coz the Dualsence was unresponsive. After I died I was stuck on a black screen and had to do a hard reset on the ps5 to fix it. I'm actually scared to play the game in fear of my console bricking!😞
I hope so...I'm going to try to avoid doing the things that people have been reporting that causes problems like using an external HDD/SSD for ps4 games, even though I would like to use one.
There's supposed to be reported issues of problems with the rest mode as well.

You'd think these issues would be the first things to be sorted before launching the console imo
I get that there's always issues when consoles first launch. I'm sure in the next few months most of the issues being reported will be fixed.