External HDD for PS2 and custom scart cables...


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Jul 6, 2024
Hi all. I just got back into the Playstation mods thingy and thought i would do a couple of things for it...

First - No more removing the back of the PS2 to swap out a HDD. It can now be done by a solderless little board ( for the end user) and ridiculously cheap). It will allow any supported size of 2.5" Sata HDD. (don't use a bulky 3.5" drive). It is working 100% and access speeds are good. I will make a case etc if i find time to tidy it up.

Second - Custom Scart cables. Seeing as i am going to get a Retrotink 5x Pro i decided to make custom video cables for all my different consoles/computers. You can see my initial prototype in the picture, works AWESOMELY! You would need to make/buy the 2 ends (console end and Scart end) and provide your own HDMI cable of whatever size/quality you desire. I intend on making a cable for all the different things i have that can accept SCART input. and the best part, these adapters would be dirt cheap to make and of course using real HDMI cables mean that all important signal through the cable are all shielded for no noise. hmmm, doesnt look like i can post a pic

Thoughts ?