External hard drive issue


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Oct 12, 2023
I recently bought a 6TB G-Drive for my ps4. I formated it in exfat format and my ps4 pro says it cannot initiate formatting the drive for expanded space because it does not fulfill the requirements.
256gb to 8TB
Usb 3.0 or higher
The drive was bought this last Monday it is 6TB which covers the size requirements
And fulfills the usb requirement of usb 3.2 2nd gen.
What an i missing to get this hdd to work wroth my ps4 pro?
Please help me.
From where did you purchase?
I’ve not heard of G-Drive as a brand name.
A 6TB drive would cost £100-£200 so how much did the drive cost?
Does the USB cable have a blue bar in the plug to indicate it is USB3?

If you formatted it on a pc then try cleaning it using diskpart & then allowing the PS to format it. If you need to commands then let me know.
It is by western digital under their brand of sandisk. I bought it from our local electronics/ appliance/furniture store and it ran me 140$ usd on sale. It came with a usb-c cable and yes it has the blue indicator but i have to use an adaptor head to go to usb.
I used my pc to format under exfat format the drive. Ill try diskpart and see if that works.
The adapter may be the problem. The drive should connect directly to the PS4.
Hopefully formatting via the PS will fix the problem.