PS4 England to France games and store credit


New member
Nov 20, 2020
Hi everyone

I was hoping someone could give me some clear answers on whether or not games and ps4 gift cards are transferable from England to France and French consoles and so on.

Basically my sister lives out in France, and I wanted to arrange to get her sons a PS4 for Christmas, it means the whole family can just buy games for birthdays etc rather than the struggle of trying to figure out what to buy every time. We managed to find that actually had a PS4 in stock, one problem solved.

But I now need to figure out how we can go about buying games. I'm under the impression I can buy physical copies of games here in England and send them over to them in France to play with no problems, is that correct?

Also, my nephew has requested farming simulator 19. (Definitely not what I expected from a 13 year old!) I'm having difficulty obtaining a physical copy for a decent price here in the UK, so I considered buying a PS4 store gift card so he could get a digital copy. However from what I've seen so far I think a UK gift card wont work on a French account, is that correct? and also when I checked the French Playstation store website I couldn't find Farming Simulator 19. Is the French store going to be different from the UK version of the store or can they just set up a UK account instead of a French one?

I wish I could just travel over and set it all up for them and figure it out, but sadly Covid means that's a no go, and my sister doesn't have the tech knowledge to figure this out herself. I'm just hoping to make this as smooth a Christmas gift as possible really. Last thing I want is to cause my sister stress from my nephews complaining because they can't get the games they asked for.