Email mistyped when creating a profile


New member
Dec 11, 2022
Hi, my wife has had a PS4 for years, and played many games. She's a very old-school gamer and she has never needed to or bothered to set up her account online. She has always played offline. She has 10's of thousands of hours worth of game play saves on her profile.
She bought our son Gran Turismo 7 as an early xmas gift as we are about to go away, and after hours and hours of downloading and setting up, I entered a profile name in a hurry when prompted. I chose something that was the first thing I could that wasn't taken. Then also in a hurry, surrounded by frustrated children I entered my email address when prompted - but mistyped and entered a email address that is not my own, but is taken.
I cannot log in, I cannot verify the email or account and I cannot change the address. My wife is stuck with a profile name that she finds offensive, and we have no way to get the account online. We have never once logged in or even verified this email yet we are stuck like this.
My wife is furious at me and is threatening to delete her profile and start over - losing all her saves as she sees that as the only option. Is there any way to change the email associated with her account without logging in?