PS4 Dualshock 4 unresponsive R2 trigger (uncommon issue) *Update*


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Jan 16, 2022
Tucson, AZ
How's it going everyone, sorry if this post is a little long but this is a real head scratcher, and I might be the only one with this issue. I've already replaced the conductive membranes, hard reset, re-paired via bluetooth & cable, and even cleaned the contacts but nothing. I've followed the traces on the conductive membrane that lead to the R2 trigger and strangely enough when I touch those same 2 contacts on the mb with tweezers, the R2 does respond? Another way that it does respond is when I press down on the silicone pad while slightly flexing the midframe (that the membranes mount to), pressing it with the actual R2 trigger button does nothing. Is it possible, I might have a cold joint on one of the chips and flexing it slightly completes the connection or the midframe is warped? I don't know if this has anything to do with the issue but when I charge it the light bar flashes bright yellow (not orange). Any pointers or input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
**Update** Upon further troubleshooting with the R2 trigger & looking closer at the silicone pad, I found it has a tiny break in the rubber where the small black carbon disc meets the rest of the pad; it looks slightly warped as well. It seems the discs have to be perfectly aligned and sit perfectly flat and if off by a hair, will not respond. Stretching (pulling) back the carbon disc slightly while pressing on the pad responded effortlessly 90% of the time. Once I was leaning towards it being a pad/contact issue, I used a piece of foam from a spare parts controller and sandwiched it between the plastic R2 trigger and rubber silicone pad and it started working 100% for a short time since the piece of foam kept falling off. I've decided to purchase new silicone rubber pads and if the issue still persists or is not solved completely, a set of new trigger buttons as well since they feel loose and have significant slop. I'll post another update once I do.